Meet The Zen Doctor

First, thank you for finding me. It’s great to connect with people who are looking to raise their performance whether that be in sport, business or life in general.

“Put Your Head In The Right Place And The Results Take Care Of Themselves.”

Dr. Steve Simpson

It’s no surprise that people with an adventurous or entrepreneurial attitude, those who are prepared to take risks and think outside of the box at some point end up asking themselves the question “how can I be more successful?” or “how can my results be better?

I have been able to answer those questions in my own life by using the power of my unconscious mind to unlock my hidden potential and ignite my creativity and get better results.

I’m going to show you that once you’ve discovered how to unlock the power of your unconscious mind, your world is also full of infinite possibilities and opportunities.

Discover Your Hidden Performance

We all know how powerful the mind is and I’m sure that at some point you may have looked at self-help books or online courses on how to unlock the capability of your mind. 

The problem is there’s a huge and confusing range of self-help books and online coaching modules out there, some good, but many bad, and the instant success they promise often fails.

There are many reasons for this, here are my top 3

  1. They all rely on prescriptive processes…. read this… do that.
  2. They lack accountability, less than 5% of  such books or courses get completed and…
  3. They focus on the conscious mind, where it is the unconscious mind where the problems and solutions exist.

Case Study

Chris Moorman, Professional Poker Player.

As a professional poker player, Chris lives and dies – so to speak – by his decision making. Having lived under stress for at least 6 months, his decision making was suffering, he lost increasing amounts of money due to poor decisions made under stress … He fell down the World rankings … Damaged his chances of attracting lucrative sponsorship deals and lost pleasure in the things he enjoyed most about his career.

He’d lost confidence in his abilities and didn’t like the person he was becoming. And it was starting to put pressure on his relationships.

I’ll let Chris take over for a moment:

“My problem was an increasingly serious loss of form and confidence as a professional poker player. I chose Doctor Steve after a Skype call because he had worked with one of my friends, and she enjoyed a rapid return of form and earnings as well as regaining the lost joy in her life and her career. Doctor Steve showed me how to relax under pressure, make clean decisions, and not take it personally when I lost marginal hands.”

Chris was already pretty successful by most people’s standards, but he felt like he was losing his grip before we started working together …

After initial coaching sessions with me, Chris went on to earn over one million dollars and valuable ranking points from his next major event. Regained his self-esteem and confidence. Secured a lucrative sponsorship deal. Got engaged and renewed his friendships. Received valuable invitations to top international events and won his first event and coveted bracelet at the World Series of Poker.

“It cannot be a coincidence that within 10 days of our first sessions I won a major tournament for the first time and over $1 million. My head was in a very different place, and still is. I have recommended Dr Steve to several of my friends, and they have all done well too, and would say pretty much the same thing.”

“…The benefit I gained was feeling comfortable in my own skin again, enjoying the pleasures of travel to exotic locations playing poker with friends … and recognising that whilst poker is an important part of my life, it is not my whole life.”